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The Booking Process

Holly Dolly Makeup & Hair Artistry offers a professional,

organized and seamless service to get you prepped for your special day.


We do this stuff for a living and apply our knowledge and years of experience in the wedding industry to make sure your wedding is fun, stress free and fabulous the morning of the wedding day!

 When it comes to your wedding preparations before the bug day come in with an open mind, some insporation photos and a plan to excicutedream wedding look, ... we are here to just advise and provide our expertise.

The Process - Holding dates 

When you enquire about your wedding and you think the price is right we will pencil in a soft hold in our booking diary for that date. That date will be held as yours and should another enquiry pop up you will have the option to confirm first. Don't forget that we are a team of professional artists so in the event Holly herself is not available she will be more than happy to refer you to one of her assigned artists on the team.

The Trial -  Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial Consultations and Previews

Wedding trials are held on Monday through Friday between business hours. They are by appointment only.

We try not to see brides any sooner than 3 months out from their wedding date as it is so important that your event style, hair style, look and feel has come together and is clear in your head before we even think about hair and makeup.

Wedding trials are a conversation between you and your artist. When it comes the time for your wedding trial it is so important that you have a clear idea of what you would like to try. We encourage sharing of photos, emails, and pinterest boards before you even meet your artist to help narrow down and advise looks that will work perfectly for you.

Contact Holly directly to find out more information or go on the monthly waitlist for your bridal trial.


The Price - Quote Requests

We are able to provide you with a detailed quote regarding your wedding day but will need a few details from your first. Please click on the quote request button and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

We prefer to be straight up with all of our prices and have no hidden extras. We value your time so please value ours and reply back to our emails even if that means you'll no longer be needing our services. 

The Details - Confirming your services

When it comes to confirming your booking and organizing your wedding day schedule sheet there are a few more details required. The Wedding Day contract will be sent to the bride for completing. Another form we know... But it will help us keep organized! We love staying on top of things around here. 



The Timing - Wedding Day Run Sheet

We like to leave nothing to chance and make it easy for you to communicate with relatives, friends and other vendors when and where you will be ready. The wedding day prep sheet is created in consultation with you. A draft schedule provided a couple of weeks out from your big day for you to run past all of the important people in the wedding before we lock it in. 

A schedule sheet just makes sure that everyone is accounted for and no missing details are left out. 

The Exchange - Payment

50% retainers are an important step in locking down us as tour beauty team for your wedding day services.

This is a non negational commitment from you so that we can provide the best service possible without double booking. When we send you a quote be sure to save a copy for yourself, read through it thoroughly and sign your contract electronically before it expires.


We accept payment by cash and email transfer. credit or debit card. are not accepted at this time. GST will apply.

     Get In Touch Beauty

              we'd love to hear from you!  

For all general inquiries please use the

 forms below to inquire about reserving your wedding date and trial.


 All Bridal Trials are located at my private studio located Downtown Vancouver by appointment only. 

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